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Fill The Senses

Fill The Senses

Between long shadows
and golden hues of late afternoon sun
The silent movement of gossamer wings
flutter in gentle breezes
A sweet sound of birdsong
echoing through trees

Sparkling diamonds of early morning dew
caught on a spider’s web
A flapping of duck’s wings the only sound
Full moon rising to complete a starry sky
Hooting of a distant owl
Melodic sounds of a river tumbling over rocks

Cool water washing sand from between toes
The rhythmic movement of a boat upon water
Lulling you into sleep
An invitation to fill the senses
Simple wonders bring peace
and soothe a troubled soul

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All Rights Reserved

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Please … Just For One Day

close up photo of monarch butterfly on top of flower
Photo by Debadutta on Pexels.com

Please … Just For One Day

Butterfly fluttering
Impossible to hear
the delicate beauty
of the moment

But senses are touched
by the gentleness
of the vision

The imagination captured
and carried away
on those wings

Scattered thoughts
up in the air
bouncing from one flower
to another

Stopping but for a moment
before moving on
How freeing to not linger!

No time given to dwell
on tasks that bind us to reality
Released from duties
and obligations
weighing heavily

Oh please,
just for one day,
let me be a butterfly

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

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The Wait


I have searched for you
in my life
Knowing you were always there
dancing around me
but never my partner
Passing by me
invisible to the eye
So many years growing
and learning apart

Not seeing you
but knowing you
Feeling you
without your touch
Wishing for you
to hold my hand
in life
To dry my tears
Where were you?

Why did I not
know you before?
Our lives to be lived
for reasons we do not know
You are the piece
that was missing
The Yang to my Yin
The start and the finish

You finally heard my cry
You have come to me
And you have
taken my heart
Replacing the emptiness
that was always there
You have filled my senses
and now
you live with my soul

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