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Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Stroking and exciting
Your silken touch
causing skin to react
Bodies responding
Adoration mutual
and willingly attract  
In semi darkness
Writhing as one
in nostalgic fantasy
Temperatures rising
Perspiration dripping
Heights of ecstasy
When completely spent
overjoyed in euphoria
Comes sleepy contentment
Adoration is mutual
until the return
of perpetual resentment

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Lillian is hosting D'Verse Poets and has
prompted us with the word Temperature

Word Prompts
Adoration - WotD
Nostalgia - RDP
Overjoyed - FOWC



A slice of moon
veiled so slightly
by a smoky cloud
Air so thick
it could be chewed
Voices carried loud
The night sultry
Perspiration beading
on heat weary brows
A distant dog barking
disturbing an old man’s
intermittent drowse
Car horns honk
Music of the night
Broken glass gleamed
Garbage plunked
and someone screamed
Back alley sex
Writhing in
gratuitous ecstasy
Money exchanged
No more than
a sick fantasy
Alone in the darkness
oblivious to it all
A junkie finds a vein
Sirens cutting silence
Purposeful, speeding 
Anther body slain
The distorted face
of a city breathing fire
Scorching, charring 
Fanning the flames
Of society’s underbelly
The flip side jarring
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Chew - SoCS

Sick - RDP

Writhe - FOWC

MLMM - Saturday Mix - Onomatopoeia
Honk/Plunk/ Flip

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