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The shadow falls across your face
and I lose you once more to the darkness 
Your time in the sunlight limited
by your own demons
robbing you of happiness
Once more allowing the chaos
to rule our world, destroying harmony
I watch with sadness as you are
consumed with anger and demand
retribution for wrongs only you perceive
I step back in horror as I witness
the madness consuming you
and I pray silently for the light

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

In your shadow
I exist
losing myself
long ago
Content to be here
loving you
and being with you
As years go by
I remember me
The vibrancy
How I’d turn heads
when I entered
rooms full with people
Speaking freely
I could spin a story
and amuse
I would attract
with my voice
and laughter
This is how you
found me
Drawn to me
by a magnetic pull
and here I stayed
with you as
my private audience
Now, no one knows
my name
I am seen
but no one sees me
I feel the strain
Who have I become?
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©


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Shadow of the Sword

Shadow of the Sword

Scared of the shadows
You take my hand 
and lead me gently
from the darkness 
Still trembling with fear
I hold onto you
Resisting the slight pull
from the invisible harness
For reasons unknown
I trust you with my life
No flare sent up
Perhaps this is infatuation
A desire for something
I have never had
Is it your strength of force?
Or is it an adulteration?
Are you rescuing me
from the ghosts of my past?
Protecting me from evil
So my life will live with yours
How I wish to forget
what I will leave behind
I fear nothing will be resolved
Locked behind dungeon doors
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Shedding Skin

Shedding Skin

Once upon my being
I wished my life be freeing
From the ties that bind
Happiness held in escrow
Lost in someone’s shadow
Living a life so unkind

On the outside looking in
All you see is a shiny ring
Promises eventually shattered
Emotions begin ricocheting
and tempers escalating
A marriage becomes tattered

What was once excitement
Is sadly no longer vibrant
A relationship ugly and spiteful
Each partner throwing shade
Decisions need to be made
Whose testament is rightful

The battle exhausting
Divorce unrewarding
I carry myself with grace
Hope has diminished
My journey unfinished
I disappear without a trace


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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Trucking along the road

Disregarding life’s load

Taking advantage of the free ride

Letting someone else be the guide

Never to deviate from the course

Using another as the centrifugal force

Having lost all sense of being

You are now merely sightseeing

A shadow of your former self

Resembling an object on a mantle shelf 

Used and abused with no voice

You have forgotten that you have a choice

Pave your own way out of that hell

All stigma attached you must dispel

You have the strength to be reborn

Heal the parts of you that are worn

Find yourself once more

Start walking to that door

On the other side is hope

A new life is not beyond your scope

Christine Bolton

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