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Singing Myself to Death – An Insect Story – Haibun

I love the story of the Cicada. That elusive insect you never actually see but hear it at night making its glorious sound in the trees.

The female Cicada lays her eggs in a crevice she makes in tree limbs. Once hatched, they look like an ant or termite and feed on tree fluids. When ready they drop to the ground and burrow down to live on tree roots for up to 17 years before reappearing as adults. Their life above ground is relatively short. They come out to mate and the they literally sing themselves to death.

The only Cicadas I have ever seen are dead ones on the ground. It makes me so sad when I hear them as I know they will not be here much longer.

The Cicada - a Haiku

Seventeen long years
underground then I appear
and sing to my death

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Kim, from writing in North Norfolk is hosting
at D'Verse Poets tonight and she has prompted
us with insects

Image by parlansky from Pixabay 

There is more information online at https://www.cicadamania.com/ and here is a YouTube of them singing:

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