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When It Is Time

When It Is Time

I can assure you
Lovesick I am not
I am merely smitten by
the thought of your love
My mind wanders in dreams
of warm, exotic nights
under the stars
That you might hold me
in your arms
speaking words of love
that I might feel butterflies
in my stomach and remember
how it felt
Is it so wrong to wish
for these things?
I do not even know you
You are out there somewhere
and you have not found me yet
But I am here
and I am ready to receive
when it is time
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Hopes and fears
Clutched tightly to the chest
Impossible to share
Unless absolutely pressed
Glimmers of hope
Sprouting from roots of dreams
Close to the surface
Bursting at the seams
Love, the intrepid journey
to an unknown destination
Excitement thrilling
and willing, the captivation
Dizzy and giddy
Stars in the eyes
Love is the only answer
The ultimate prize
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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In A Daze

In A Daze

Wandering aimlessly
with no destination
Bumping into walls
Looking for affirmation
Seeing stars falling
Appetite lost
Smitten with infatuation
Fingers are crossed
Intimate interaction
with hope of durability
Crossed wires likely
In all probability
One night of passion
Causing one to gulp
Pierced with an arrow
Turning the mind to pulp
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

In response to:
Hélène Vaillant's What do you See Photo Prompt

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As I look into your eyes

Listening to whimpering cries

I know I am smitten

Nothing can spoil

or attempt to foil

Because it has been written


From my strength you draw

life’s blood in your claw

as you take shelter

But the lies and conceit

will always repeat

Know that in hell you will swelter


For you I will fight tigers

And deal with the liars

In order to insulate

I promise to keep you safe

Until my hands are chafe

My life’s work to facilitate


Your beauty is brilliant

Your body resilient

You are surely tough

A blast from the skies

In rain it cries

No umbrella is enough


My love will you protect

and never neglect

as long as I do live

I’ll shelter you from harm

your enemies disarm

and forever forgive


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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When we were young
We were in love and smitten
Every sound was a symphony
The world was smiling at us
Words of devotion written

When we were young
You were the most adorable
The one everybody wanted
But I claimed the prize
Everything became possible

When we were young
There was that September
Memories made
Words of love spoken
Do you remember?

When we were young
I was transported
To dizzying heights
A ring put on my finger
Vows purported

When we were young
Promises were forsaken
Reality resonated
A rose given with thorns
A heart left broken

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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