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As the sky turns
From blue to creamy yellow
When the sun sinks lower
And we begin to feel mellow
Feeling the slight tingle
of freshly sun-kissed skin 
And freckles on a nose
That knows not how to begin
Your sapient thoughts confirm
This is where you need to be
Brush off the cobwebs
In search of liberty
For all the winter clothes
Are but just an armor
That protect us from the cold
And keep us warmer
Connect with your inner self
And follow your dreams
Stay on target
Its easier than it seems
Shed the unnecessary weight
Discard those scratchy threads 
And free yourself 
From winter’s dread
Be venturesome and curious
Stay full of wonder
Spread your wings
Let no one steal your thunder
Fly south young bird
As your parents have sung
Follow the sun and
stay forever young
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Photo by Heather Shevlin on Unsplash

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