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Union Meeting – Flash Fiction

Union Meeting

The hall was crowded and David eased his way towards the stage.  Squeezing through the throng and ducking under the inevitable signs, he found the spot where his view was unobstructed.

He checked his watch noting it was seven fifty, and then patted his left chest pocket for reassurance. He could hear his heart pounding and he began to sweat.

His fellow directors had chosen to boycott the meeting but there was no way he was going to miss it.  

On cue the President of the Autoworkers Union was introduced by the speaker on stage.  He entered to resounding cheers and applause from the members.  Watching carefully David noted no one left and no one came on the bare platform to join the two men.  This was his chance.  Amidst the noise, he pulled the gun from his jacket and fired the deadly shot.

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Sarah is hosting D’Verse Poets tonight and the theme is Prosery. A piece of flash fiction of 144 words or less. She has asked us to use the following line from the poem Adelstrop by Edward Thomas – No one left and no one came on the bare platform.

Words Prompts

Impeccable – RDP

Boycott – FOWC

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Escape from Chaos

Desperate to escape the chaos
I reach for my formula of medicine
Journal and writing implements in hand
Slipping quietly into oblivion

My thoughts become an epiphany
Exploding in my head
Furiously I write them down
Capturing all before they are dead

The clear night
Gave forth to brilliant stars
Lighting the sky
Like a fireflies in jars

The soft breeze
Was calming my soul
Musical leaves fluttering
I will soon again be whole

My words move quickly
Across the page
Reminiscent of ballerinas
Dancing on a stage

My heart empties
Its tears of pain
Forming verse so beautiful
Reminding me I am sane

When inside my head
Becomes dark and captured
I can set the demons free
With writings enraptured

Flowing effortlessly
Like waters in a stream
Unleashed onto paper
As if in a dream

Therapy for my head
The jumbled pieces of my brain
Coming together in harmony
My heart does not beat in vain

The pen is mightier than the sword
My words are my power
Grounded by my enlightenment
While adversaries inhabit ivory towers

Christine Bolton

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Let me introduce to you
Without any further adieu (ado)

The star of tonight’s show
Who is so very eager to go

He has been chomping on the bit
To be on this stage so brightly lit

Making his first appearance
For such an esteemed audience

He has rehearsed for days
In the hope of receiving the praise

For his Tony-worthy performance
Which to him is of the utmost importance

His lines have been memorized
Every possibility analyzed

He is such a professional
He is almost obsessional

His costume impeccable
He looks most respectable

This is his moment as he walks onstage
Everyone cheers, they are on the same page

He takes the microphone from the stand
When suddenly it is grabbed from his hand

What the heck said he
To the person he could see

You are embarrassing me in front of everyone
To which the voice answered, Sir, your fly is undone

Christine Bolton

In response to Word fog The Day:  Introduce

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