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Edge of Extinction

Edge of Extinction

Flirting with the ocean
Standing on jagged rocks
Daring it to dress her
with its beauty
To take her completely
Into its arms
and hold her down
until she could breathe
no more
Teasing and begging
for the attention
Wishing to surrender
to its power but,
her lover not receptive
Screaming above the waves
of anger lashing at rocks
her voice fell, unheard
The night dark and broody
but a velvet sky pushed back
the lingering curtain of clouds
Silence fell with a halted wind
and the angry sea
slowed its breath to a whisper
Tempt me no longer, it said
You use me to dull your pain
but I will not take you this night
Instead I will wash it away
So you may live another day
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Lisa is hosting D'Verse Poets tonight and has
prompted us with "Edge" and "Fringe".  I am sharing
a reworked poem that I had written several years ago.
I think it works for this challenge. 

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Going, Going, Gone

Going, Going, Gone

I’m leaving home
I said defiantly
when I was four
but I stayed
I’m leaving here
I said defensively
when I was a teen
but I stayed
I’m leaving you
I said dispassionately
when I was married
and so I went
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

De Jackson (AKA Whimsy Gizmo) is hosting D'Verse Poets
Monday Quadrille and has prompted us with "Go"
A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words excluding
the title.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Free Spirit – A Quadrille

Free spirit

Power plays
between us
We would go  
head to head
but you could never  
intimidate me
I am always
comfortable in
my own skin
and you forget
I am your equal
You do not own me
and you will never
break my spirit

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

De Jackson (alias Whimsy Gizmo) is
hosting D'Verse Poets Monday Quadrille.
A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words,
excluding the tittle. He has prompted
us wit the word "Spirit"



Survival is an instinct
Born of necessity 
at all costs
as you would a child
and like your spirit
it can never be taken
from you
It is all you have when
times are dire
Your resourcefulness
when you are without
Your resilience 
when you are knocked down 
It lives and breathes
within you
It is always present
yet hangs in your shadows
until you call upon it
and give it life
Your will to survive
Your kiss of life
Your oxygen

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Gospel Isosceles is hosting D'Verse Poets
and has prompted us with the Birth/Born

Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay 

The Handmaid’s Tale – A Poem

The Handmaid’s Tale

A realization dawns
The stark reality that
I am merely a possession
A purchased accessory
a commodity, and reminding me
has become your obsession
Speechless I retreat
Wounded by your words
so blatantly delivered
Lacking kindness, 
Cruel and meant to sting
Inwardly I shivered
As you threaten my livelihood
I consider the repercussions
You will offer no act of contrition 
But continue to wield your power
Indignation unfaltering
You have exercised your volition
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts
Kindness - WotD
Repercussions - FOWC
Go Dog Go Cafe - The Handmaid's Tale

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Papa Why?

Papa Why?

Papa why?
Why did you marry mama
and not stay true?
Your fighting
scarred me
for life and
distorted my view
'Please tell mama this'
and her reply would be
'Please tell papa that'
I was good for
both of you
Used as a conduit
for your ugly chat
You, my hero
would get the moon
for me
That was your promise
But you forgot that
when you chose
to be free
So in this, my life
that you never knew
I hitched to many a wagon
My choices calculated
They were replicas of you 
I’d flow from one to another
and each time I’d slay the dragon 
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts

Flow - RDP

Dragon - WotD

Go Dog Go Cafe - Please Papa Get Me The Moon

Go Dog Go Cafe - Promote Yourself Monday

Photo - Pixabay Image

Free At Last

Free At Last

As night turned into day
the light in the dingy room
depressed me more
and I slipped beyond gloom

Overcome with sadness
my feelings I tried to repress
Teardrops fell from my eyes
and I was clearly in distress

Through my moments of crazy
I saw the parcel on the floor
It was a box tied up with string
I hadn’t noticed it before

Who could it belong to
No name and address supplied
I opened it cautiously
Considering the contents inside

A leather bound book
With a letter addressed to me
This is your time, it said
Get up and be set free

No more sadness now
This is the end of the wrath
Your time has come at last
You are now on the glide path


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©


Word Prompts:





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Get Away

Get Away

She became the tired recipient
of his irrational behavior
He’s up, then he’s down
A relationship doomed to failure

Tolerance wearing thin
Her desire to please had waned
She had to get away
and no longer be restrained

Enough is enough
Her dedication there no longer
What won’t kill you
makes you stronger

Not wanting to drink poison
for him this day
She swore to leave
and him she would betray

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

In response to Reena’s Weekly Exploration Challenge Week #58


  1. Whiner
  2. Patience personified
  3. Pessimist
  4. Testing Times
  5. Doer
  6. Jilted Lover
  7. Circumstantial
  8. Devoted

Reena asked us to pick a minimum of two keywords from the above list and weave a story/poem around them, without using them.  The onus of identifying the keywords is on the writer by using them as a theme or a personality.

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Blind Faith

Giving potency
to the dormant
a zest for life
and a desire
to move forward
The course will be drawn

Be confident
in your quest
Eyes straight ahead
you’re never alone
Challenges met
Another day’s dawn

Abiding love
will not fade
or wane
Invisible to the eye
it will stay strong
a crutch to lean on

When times are rough
it will be the underpin
Keeping you upright
and moving forward
in life’s marathon

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:





My heart is heavy again today

It feels like pain will never go away

I was doing so well

Never hearing the warning bell

My world suddenly on its end

I look to you but you will not bend

Your actions provoke

Even when nothing is spoke

Goading for a reaction

I’m innocent, rejecting the accusation

This treatment I cannot abide

I just want to run away and hide

I am walking aimlessly in a minefield

Where your weapons you do wield

There is no middle ground

It’s as if we have drowned

I go into survival mode

My livelihood is about to unfold

I must walk away from you

If it is the last thing I ever do


Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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