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One Liner Wednesday

Another Wednesday morning and time for Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

I should carry this quote on a card in my wallet so that I can flash it when needed.  I am one of those people who are a magnet to those who want to just talk and talk and talk.  Usually it’s a random lady in a store who is shopping in the same section. I listen for as long as I can and then …. well, you understand!

Have a great Wednesday.



Our communication
is lacking, it’s almost nonexistent
Your attitude is that of
a scalded cat
When can we have a
Surely we can do better
than that?

A hot tin roof
is where you’ve been
Time to come down
and settle the score
Harmony is what we need
in our relationship
Like it was
once before

Stop moving away from me
as if I’m not here
You are acting like
a stranger
Someone I don’t know
Come on darling talk to me
We are in clear
and present danger

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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