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I ask
Was yet another nail in my coffin
You have now become the demon lover
a gilded cage
my prison
I am

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

OctPoWriMo Caged
I used double Tetractys form - 1,2,3,4,

Word Prompts:

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Insanity - RDP
The Demon Lover - Christine's Daily Writing Prompt
from Go Dog Go Cafe

Living In The Past

Living In The Past

She did not scout
the darkness
Allowing it to lure
her into the passage
of time 
there was no going back
Bait and switch
Trapped forever
living in the past
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word Prompts:




I allow my mind to drift
wherever it may go
Closing my eyes 
I see the reflection
of this sad, humdrum life
and let my feelings flow
Once passionate
caring for each other
Two peas in a pod
Connected at the hip
One is down, the other
expected to smother
Duty becomes labor
and labor is now slavery
When the love turns inward
selfishness rules
The other become faceless
There’s no room for bravery
Where does this go
and can it ever be saved
A one-sided marriage
One a doormat on which
the other walks
Or a war that will be waged
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay 

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You never told me
How could this happen?
I feel kicked in the stomach
The hurt is more than you can imagine

I am betrayed by you
You have been living a lie
What was supposed to be
Will never come, so its goodbye

We spoke of love
Our future was mapped
I had started to believe
But you say you felt trapped

What is wrong with you?
That you could not explain
Your words lacking commitment
Have caused so much pain

Yes it is a Complication
What a word you have chosen
So carelessly delivered
I am left a woman broken

Go on your way I say
We have nothing left in common
Take with you your lies
You will be easily forgotten

Christine Bolton

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