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Under My Umbrella – A Haibun

Under My Umbrella

Although I live in sunny and warm Florida I was born and bred in beautiful rainy London.  I have now lived in the US longer than I lived in the UK but I am proud to regard both places as home.

Living in England, an umbrella was like an appendage.  It was permanently with you because it always seemed to be raining.  A telescopic umbrella was preferable, especially when commuting, as it would fold up and drop right into your bag.  On those late nights when you would catch the last tube home, it became your weapon of choice for the creepy walk home from the station.

You might regard this as a strange form of shelter but a Brit is never without a ‘brolly’.  It provides shelter from the rain and protects you from a possible attacker!

Bring your umbrella
Rainfall inevitable
Shelter from the storm

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Mish is hosting Haibun Monday at D’Verse and has prompted us with forms of Shelter.
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