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What If?

What If?

If the sky cracked open
and I was swallowed up
Would you miss me?
If the moon one night
refused to shine its light
Could you still see me?
If the coast was swallowed 
by an angry ocean’s rage
would you care?
If all the fabled stories
of Aesop were burned
Would that be fair?
If one day I floated
away like a balloon
Would run after me?
If the sun ever fell
From the sky
Would you let it be?
If the venturesome
Lost their nerve
What would occur?
Would it be natural
to give up?
If that’s what they’d prefer
If we had all the answers
To hypothetical questions
What would that indicate?
That we care enough
to ponder, what if?
and persistently formulate
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©
In response to the following prompts:

Hélène Vaillant's Photo Prompt What Do You See

National Poetry Writing Month

And now, for our (optional) prompt. Today, we’d like to
challenge you to write a poem of the possible. What does
that mean? Well, take a look at these poems by
Raena Shirali
Rachel Mennies. Both poems are squarely focused
not on what has happened, or what will happen, but on
what might happen if the conditions are right. Today, write
a poem that emphasizes the power of “if,” of the woulds
and coulds and shoulds of the world.

Word Prompts:

Fab or variations 
Personification in Writing

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