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At Last

At Last

I felt your presence before I ever met you
While waiting in a neutral state, marking time.
Previous relationships in the history books
No unresolved issues, I was ready to receive
Where were you exactly?
What did you still have to do?
Trusting in the Universe and knowing
it was just a matter of when, I found patience
Then, miraculously you were there
We had been dancing on the perimeter
of each other’s lives
Never knowing, never seeing, never touching
The glass slipper you brought slipped easily on my foot
Your hand in mine, strong and gentle, guiding me
Your lips on my lips sending little electric shocks
I knew then that it was you, and you had found me
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All Rights Reserved

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Patience - RDP

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Across the Universe

Across the Universe

The flicker of movement
in the corner of my eye
Warm breath on my neck
A soft touch
against my cheek
These things
Let me know
of your presence
When sadness consumes me
or I dissolve in a meltdown
the house lights will flash
That little bird sitting
on my shoulder
Whispering in my ear
and I know
you’ve heard me
These subtle messages
of communication
Imagined or not
give me the strength
I need to grow without you
for you have gone now
to somewhere else
across the Universe
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

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Redemption – Poem of the Month – July 2018


The morning star
Still visible in the early sky
A whisper of a breeze stirs the bushes
Releasing a butterfly

Big, lazy drops of rain
Fall dampening my hair
A dog barks in the distance
Under someone’s back stair

A cardinal sits high on a branch
Capturing the essence in his morning song
Squirrels squeak their messages
As if to play along

A plethora of flowers drink the rain
Puddles waiting to evaporate
Sunshine hiding inside clouds
Ready for the drops to dissipate

Raising my arms to the sky
I unfold the origami of my limbs
Stretching, hands open to the universe
And send up my sins

Another new day is here
Another chance for redemption
My thoughts become clear
As I witness the sun’s ascension

Gratitude warms my body
I know I have been blessed
The sun reflects the raindrops
And a rainbow manifests

Christine Bolton

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Life’s Treasure Map

Life’s Treasure Map

I remember as a child
What fun it was to find
Treasure of sorts
That someone had left behind

When you have not very much
This game can last for hours at a time
You would search the whole day
And maybe find a dime

As you get older
There is less of a struggle
So the child’s game gets forgotten
And you become a master of life’s juggle

You think you have it made
You now have competence
But you end up with just material things
And nothing of consequence

Life quickly becomes empty
And no one with which to share
You are lonely most of the time
You decide to send up a prayer

No, you don’t fall to your knees
Hands clasped together at your chest
You open your heart to the Universe
And it will do the rest

You get a poster board and make a treasure map
Cutting words and pictures from a magazine
Representing you and your desires
As you, and only you, have to set the scene

You choose your destiny carefully
What you would like to manifest
To be healthy, wealthy, and maybe a lover
Hoping someone will hear your request

You also write down exactly
What you are truly looking for
Address the letter to the Universe
And what you desire will come for sure

Your words must be specific
Clear and concise
Then burn the paper with a prayer
Sending to the sky without thinking twice

With this process you visualize a life
You would like to be living
Then you put the map away
And forget about it until maybe Thanksgiving

You will enjoy the process
Of this I am sure
And then one day
You will take it from your drawer

You will be amazed to find
What you have already achieved
Because what you have desired
You most likely have now received

You are what you think
Your mind is very clever
When it is open to all things
They continue to come forever

Christine Bolton

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