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Fly Free

Fly Free

Would that I might fly the nest south
to be a snowbird escaping winter’s cold
and bask in sunshine sprinkling her
diamonds on crystal waters 
Where gentle breezes ruffle feathers
and I might preen in the warmth of her fire

Would that I be free from this frigid prison
and flap my wings freely with my flock
Shedding my wintry grey garb
for colors of the sea and sand and sky
Then, when earth is ready to waken
Would that I return to for its rebirth

Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Sarah is hosting D'Verse Poets and has prompted us with the story
of Persephone.  My interpretation is that of someone trapped, away from
sunlight and a desire to be free from her confines.

Poetics: Persephone.



She said she would be there
As she had promised
I couldn’t wait to see her
One thing about her
She was always honest

A summer day
In a daisy filled meadow
My grandmother and favorite Teddy Bear
Were my most special guests
And we all wore our best chapeaux

We called it the Teddy Bear Picnic
A regular event of memories to cherish
A day to look forward to
So I would forget the hell at home
That was always so nightmarish

We would sit on a blanket
And set out the tea things
She would bring homemade cake
With little sandwiches
And we would pretend we saw fairy rings

We would pick wild flowers
To take home and put in a jar
Play hide and seek in the woods
And sing songs on the way home
So I wouldn’t fall asleep in the car

She was my saving grace
So loving and deep
The warmth of her arms
Encircling me
Are memories I will always keep

The mainstay of my life
She kept the wolf from my door
Giving me safe haven
And a constant source
Of love which does not ignore

Christine Bolton

In response to Three Things Challenge June 17: Grandmother, Daisy, Wolf

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