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Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

I cry a thousand tears
Into the night
My heart as heavy
as the darkness
The sadness
of losing your love
brings such sorrow 
leaving the sky starless
Like a death 
I must mourn
Grief overwhelms
and I see no escape
The hurt is intolerable
but deep down I know
in time there will
be a new landscape
With tomorrow comes
morning light
and clearing of clouds
Signaling expectation
The canvas is blank
White and pristine 
waiting for my
new coloration
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

OctPoWriMo - Today we are prompted by the word 'White'
and what it means to us.

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No more black and white
Just shadows of grey
Direction is no longer clear
Since you went away

Numerous times
I question why
You left so suddenly
But never a reply

A ghost like presence
Where you once were
Never again
To darken my door

Your essence everywhere
Woven into my life
Carrying it in my body
Twisting against the knife

Your voice lingering
In the empty room
Not answering my words
Nothing left to exhume

Bravado my new guise
Not wishing to show anguish
Reflexive responses
In my misery I languish

A sense of foreboding
You will never return
Life with you
I will have to unlearn

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

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I say black
You say white
You’re strange, I joke
Vehemently offended
You respond with spite

Always outraged
Forever the victim
The aggressor jumps down my throat
Robbing my mouth of words
As if his was the hand bitten

Walking in a minefield
Paralyzed in space
Not knowing where to tread
Gingerly stepping
Memories to efface

Behavior contrary
No grey area
To meet in the middle
Just you versus me
Provocative hysteria

The battle is fought
A winner has to prevail
Harmony is lost
Never in your wheelhouse
Sanity does fail

Who do you see
When you look at me
An adversary or lover
Someone to bait
Or someone who might agree

What is important to you
Is it the fight to be right
Winning the ultimate prize
Victorious in the onslaught
Risking the opponent’s flight

Christine Bolton

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