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I find myself longing
as we struggle
to stabilize
For those days
when there was
nothing to compromise

Going here and there
our excitement unbridled
We traveled the same road
Stumbling now and again
but always together
Carrying each other’s load

A life-changing event
so random
it was hard to believe
Neither of us
saw it coming
Difficult to conceive

Now we wander
in this wilderness
of perpetual confusion
Choosing solitude
Pushing the other away
Living life in seclusion

How do we
find our way back
to the way it was before?
Connecting with each other
is the key to opening
hearts once more

Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Word prompts:

Key - Stream of Consciousness
Excitement - RDP

Downward Spiral

The feeling of hopelessness
Covers me in its dark shroud
I am dragged into this pit
Of gloom and I go willingly

The barometric pressure of the day
Is wreaking havoc in my mind
Confusion has become a familiar companion
On my journey into this wilderness

Clarity is nowhere to be found
As I stumble on the rocks of desperation
Blindly searching for reasons why
My life has put me here

Spiraling downward out of control
I reach for something to break my fall
Words of reason are lost in this fog
Incomprehensibly jumbled and out of my grasp

My ascent from this purgatory
Is hindered by such feelings of despondency
With my energy drained
I fear I will drown in my misery

In time the greyness of the sky
Pulls me slowly from the blackness
The accompanying wind pushing me up
So that I may breathe again

Christine Bolton

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