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Alarm Call

Alarm Call

He drills for food at break of dawn
Woodpecker’s schedule already drawn
Woken rudely from my reverie
Before I can barely release a yawn
A beautiful sight high on the oak tree
His red tuft bright and feathery
It’s a wonder his head doesn’t ache
If only he could work in a lower key
It must be a tough job for Woody
Does his beak ever get bloody?
Why doesn’t he dig for worms? 
Then perhaps I wouldn’t be so moody
Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing ©

Frank is hosting at D'Verse Poets Pub and our challenge
tonight is covering the Rubaiyat.

Rhyme schemes
The original Persian rhyme schemes were AABA or AAAA.
I chose AABA for my attempt at this form.

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