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Master of Deception – A Quadrille

Master of Deception

The tongue smooth
and the voice syrupy
Luring those with a sweet tooth
Like bees to a honey pot
Once captured the tone would change
Becoming peppered
with stinging hot jabs
meant to harm
like salt in a wound
Beware the master of deception

Copyright © 2023 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Punam is hosting Monday Quadrille at D’Verse.  The prompt tonight is “Pepper” in any form.
A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, excluding the title. 

Unheard – Poem of the Month – May 2021


My words do not reach you anymore
They hang heavy in the air, waiting to be heard
Full of love, passion, anger, questioning
But your ears are closed to them
They fall to the ground unanswered
As is always the way
You, too busy speaking your own truths
to care about my thoughts and dreams
I die a little death each time this happens
Over time parts of me become numb
Where the life once used to be
Benign stumps from which nothing will grow
Neglected like a plant trying to thrive in a closet
No sunshine to nurture life or water to quench its thirst
When the desire to speak and be heard is eventually lost
Then that is when you will hear me no more
The only sound to be heard will be you
Talking to the wind
Copyright © 2021 Christine Bolton - Poetry for Healing
All Rights Reserved

Mish is hosting Open Link Night at D'Verse Poets tonight

One Liner Wednesday – Something to aspire to

Good Wednesday morning! I have always loved learning new words, don’t you? I came across this one yesterday and really liked it. There are some rare moments in my life where I think I can definitely say this would aptly describe me. I would most likely have had a large glass of wine after a very hard day and I would dare anyone to mess with me! I certainly hope you can enjoy this word too.

Have a great day and be Unfuckwithable!

For Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

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