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Worry, Worry Not

Worry, Worry Not

Today I wondered
what is the point of life
when repetition
gives no pleasure?
Wake, work, sleep
Wake, work, sleep
Spinning plates on the top of poles
Keeping them simultaneously turning
Juggling balls in the air 
Making it through the day
only to repeat tomorrow
Rolling a proverbial snowball up the hill
when pushing its weight becomes
more and more laborious
Struggling to keep it on course
Before losing control

The end of the line
Will come into focus soon enough
as this journey is almost complete
Where would this road take me
Will I become one of the demented
or perhaps tragically taken?
Will I suffer a painful Illness or treatment?
or will I be wedded to pharmaceuticals
by the handful?
Will any of these events be acceptable to me?
Will I have any choices regarding the end of my days?

The doorbell rings and shakes 
me from the contemplations filling my head
My questions and concerns
gone in an instant
as the sun shines brightly from
little faces smiling up at me
Those dark and worrisome thoughts
are there for another day

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I’m frazzled of late
It seems to be my fate
I work so hard to be
Completely in charge of me
Only allowing a wrinkle or two
To distort the view
Of a drama-free life
Without a hint of strife
This is what I hope to achieve
As long as I can believe
That when things go a little haywire
I can extricate myself from the murky mire

I’m frazzled of late
Did I lock the back gate?
Did I give the dog his dinner?
So much to consider
I forgot to look
And that’s all it took
I’ll have to return home
I should have put an alert on my phone
Now I’ve forgotten my keys
It like a disease
Why did I change my purse?
It is as good as a curse

I’m frazzled of late
Everything will have to wait
Nothing is going right today
From the schedule I mustn’t stray
I just need to prioritize my list
So nothing will get missed
The pressure is getting too much to bear
I feel like I’m getting nowhere
Please make the world stop for a minute
So I can adjust and be in it to win it
I’m running in circles with shoes untied
Tripping up and landing broadside

I’m frazzled of late
And feeling the weight
Keeping the balls in the air
With time to spare
Is a thing of the past
Why couldn’t it last?
Never, ever be late
For that important date
What happened to me?
That I could not see
Has the World gone crazy?
Or have I just been lazy

I’m frazzled of late

Christine Bolton

In response to the Daily Word Prompt: Frazzle

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